Acai Berry Detox Side Effects

All forms of detox come with their own special side effects.

Diarrhea, constipation, headaches, emotional upsets or sleeplessness to name a few.

But even if you decide to cleanse with acai berry you need to exercise some caution. How does the famous acai berry stand up in relation to detox pain, or indeed, how do its benefits compare to the more positive side effects of other methods of detoxification?

The acai berry contains fibre and antioxidants.

While this makes it a good idea to cleanse with acai berry, you should not take any notice of the many outrageous claims made for this product.

There are even some people who recommend a colon cleanse with acai.

You should also be aware of the acai berry diet side effects. Although they are not as severe as alcohol detox withdrawal symptoms, for instance, they are a bother for some people.

Some acai berry enthusiasts would have you believe that, if you are a man, acai berry products will make you attractive to women, more virile and give you a larger penis.

Other advocates of the berry claim it enhances digestion, detoxes the body, clears up the skin and gives you higher levels of energy.

Furthermore they say the acai berry will help you to sleep better and improve the condition of your heart.

If you are seeking the benefits of this amazing berry you can drink the juice, mix it in a smoothy, eat the berries or take it in the form of tablets.

There has been some scientific research into the acai berry but none has verified any of the more off-the-wall claims. The berry does contain antioxidants. So does the cranberry, apple and orange.

The acai berry contains more antioxidants than these fruits but it does not have as much as blueberries, black cherries and the Concord grape.

Some people have claimed that the acai berry will help you to lose weight, but no scientific research has backed up this claim. This brings us to the most commonly found acai berry diet side effect – loss of appetite.

Not major as detoxification side effects go, but loss of appetite is definitely a negative side effect of the acai berry for people who cannot afford to lose weight.

Of course, you could say that loss of appetite does indeed promote loss of weight, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say that this is a “positive side effect” of the acai berry.

There are lots of other common items that can be obtained cheaply that will turn you off your food.

The only other acai berry side effect is that some people have shown themselves to be allergic to the berry.

They have reported itchy hives on the hands, face and neck. The hives appear after drinking the juice or taking supplements.

It has been suggested that the people suffering from this particular kind of detox pain might have drunk more than the recommended amount of the juice or be reacting to some other ingredient included in the juice or supplement.

If you are at all in doubt about possible reactions when you cleanse with acai berry, just take small amounts to reassure yourself before going on a full-scale acai berry detox diet.

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