Are There Detoxing Side Effects?

As with everything we do, detoxing has side effects.

Sure, there are plenty of positive cleansing side effects.

They are usually what we hear about first, but we need to be aware of the negative side effects of detox programs, and what they mean for our progress in cleansing our bodies.

Detox cleanse side effects arrive because your system is not used to the routine of your detoxing program. The nasty toxins in your body will cause you to react to their presence as they are being cleansed.

As you progress through your detoxing program, the intensity of the side effects should ease off. Your body will get used to the good habits and food you are giving it.

The side effects of the famous lemon detox diet are typical of the symptoms brought on by attempting to cleanse your system: weight loss, headaches and nausea.

First, let us tackle the headaches. These often occur on the first day of your detoxification, and along with the aches, you might be feeling a bit dopey. This is natural as your body adjusts to your new routine.

You might also find that you lack concentration and you are feeling irritable for no reason.

The onset of these unpleasant cleansing side effects is the main reason many experts advise us to plan our detoxing to be done at home, away from work and family responsibilities.

Having your detox at home alone gives you the freedom to rest whenever the side effects are getting too much to bear.

If you are a coffee drinker, you should start to ease off on the caffeine two or three days prior to starting your detoxing program. This will lessen the intensity of the headaches.

People starting a detox program have also been known to suffer from acne, feelings of hunger and unwanted weight loss.

You may also be visited by the twin gremlins of constipation and diarrhea. You need to be careful to keep up the water consumption if you suffer from diarrhea because it can make you dehydrated.

Constipation can sometimes be eliminated from your detoxing by not going overboard on the consumption of fiber. Once again, remembering to drink enough water can help with constipation.

So the basic things you need to remember if you want to avoid the dreaded detoxing side effects is to drink plenty of water and sleep whenever you feel the need. If you feel that you have enough energy, some yoga exercises will keep your body active without tiring it out.

Colon Cleanse Side Effects

One particular detoxing technique that should be mentioned is colon cleansing. Colon cleanse side effects are usually a result of the use of badly sterilized equipment or incompetent enema treatment technique.

The more serious colon cleanse side effects include dehydration and heart problems, both of which are due to excess use of colon cleansing.

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